No Bridge Too Far – 3d Laser Scan of Suicide Bridge

EA Laser Scanning of Suicide Bridge

EA Laser Scanning of Suicide Bridge

Spanning the busy A1, the famous North London Archway Bridge was surveyed from central reservation level without disturbing the traffic flow with EA Laser Scanning.

Archway bridge, which dates back to 1897, replaced John Nash’s original 1813 structure, thereby maintaining the link between the villages of Highgate and Crouch End. By laser scanning from remote positions EA were able to capture the cast iron structural detail, retaining concrete walls & the dual carriageway quickly & accurately so to form a complete 3d model of the 19th century bridge.

Affording impressive views over London due to it’s high point, the bridge delineates the boundary between Haringey & Islington. It is due to it’s elevated location & span over land, that the structure is also referred to as ‘suicide bridge’.

With this superior level of speed, range & versatility, EA Laser Scanning is able to free-up client’s valuable design time with the quick delivery of accurate survey drawings.

EA Laser Scanning enables fast, accurate surveying of buildings and structures, including remote and difficult-to-access areas such as bridges, roofs and complex built environments.

EA Laser Scanning produces detailed computer generated 3d models of existing buildings and structures, which provides the facility to create unique views and images of the laser scanned architecture and structures.

EA Laser Scanning is ideal for architectural and structural survey requirements.

Measured survey drawings in the form of CAD plans, sections and elevations are developed from the 3d laser scan model.

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