Scan to the Future – 3d Laser Scan of Something Out There!

Q: Name something that stops traffic ?

Is It A Skull ?

Is It A Skull ?

An attractive member of the opposite sex? a 3D Laser Scanner? an attractive member of the same sex (for some!)….or what about a low level missile shaped craft cruising through the roads of Wolverhampton? …Wolverhampton you say?

Yes! and it is happening right now and guess what, we’ve made contact with the craft’s inhabitant! Namely Ian Fardoe, one of the UK’s top exponents of the Velomobile – a bullet shaped human powered bicycle car! It is where human power, fitness, fuel saving and shear-thrill all conspire to undermine the domination and arrogance of the car driver whilst catching the eye of all that she passes.

“You simply can not take your eye off a Velo as it accelerates missile-style along the highway and into the distance.”

Graham Everitt, MD, Electronic Architecture Ltd. London.

3d Laser Scan of the Velo

3d Laser Scan - Plan View of the Velomobile

With his reclined sturdy frame and barely visible ‘pilots’ head, Ian has been powering his aerodynamic shell for over ten years. His viking physique is proof of what you have to be and what you can be when you choose human power and excitement over the petrol pump and congestion. And the Velo’s popularity is increasing from a specialist, early-adopter market.

Once we managed to persuade Ian to actually stop, Electronic Architecture (EA) carried out 3D Laser Scans of the back-to-the-future craft as the bespoke shell is undergoing aerodynamic analysis with CAD software.

Electronic Architecture (EA) provide 3D Laser Scanning services and Measured Architectural Surveys for a range of clients including Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Contractors and Property Developers.

But what actually is it? Well, the Velo aficionados went back to the bicycle pedal-and-chain mechanism and then shrouded the 200 year-old ‘walking machine’ invention with a sexy, futuristic aerodynamic fibreglass shell and then learnt to fly it! Ian and his dedicated peers are rediscovering the adventure and virtues of cycling, whilst experiencing the benefits of self-powered mobility and the great outdoors.

Back to the Future - 3d Laser Scan of Velo

Back to the Future - 3d Laser Scan of the Velo

Some might say the Velo is only for the brave. After all, imagine cycling at 30mph alongside a 4×4 in nothing more than a low-level plastic cigar?!

On the other hand, the Velo is a cool, thrilling way of life. But no one broke new ground without being brave.

Velo Uber Alles.

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