3d Laser Scan: Whilst on an all dayer

A client had a five storey building in Putney which functioned as a pub with accommodation above.  The logistical challenge to us was that the accommodation levels were only accessible at certain times of the day, the pub also opened for breakfast.  On that basis we had to jump about the five floors in order to fit around the accessibility.

With 3d laser scanning technology which offers flexibility, speed and accuracy we were able to achieve this.  So instead of leaving the pub nine hours later inebriated, we left with 148 scans of which some had already been registered, ie 3d pointclouds had been joined together.

When returning back to the office the registration was continued and completed so that one complete 3d model (pointcloud) of the entire five floors was ready for importing into Autocad so that the CAD drawings could be produced.

3d laser scanning technology is the only solution that provides this speed and flexibility and is in a class of its own when it comes to scanning multi occupied buildings.

So despite our sobriety we left rather merry.

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