EA Laser Scanning

3d laser scan image of Oak House, West Bromwich

3d laser scan image of Oak House Museum, West Bromwich

EA Laser Scanning enables the fast and accurate surveying of detailed and complex buildings, including remote structures and difficult-to-access areas such as roofs, adjacent buildings and occupied environments.

EA Laser Scanning produces detailed computer generated 3d models of existing buildings and structures, which facilitates spatial analysis and the production of fast, accurate CAD plans, sections and elevations.

One of the many benefits of the 3d model is the facility to create unique views and images of the laser scanned subjects, while providing new insights into the architecture and engineering achievements.

Electronic Architecture are able to accurately archive buildings and structures of architectural and historical importance in the form of 3d models with EA Laser Scanning technology.

The 3d laser scan image depicts the historical half-timbered Oak House Museum, which is located in the Black Country and dates back to the 16th century. The building was bestowed to the municipality of West Bromwich by manufacturer and Anglican, Reuben Farley.

3d laser scan images of Oak House Museum are published with kind permission from Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. For further details please click on the following link – Oak House Museum.

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