Scan to the Future – 3d Laser Scan of Something Out There!

Q: Name something that stops traffic ? An attractive member of the opposite sex? a 3D Laser Scanner? an attractive member of the same sex (for some!)….or what about a low level missile shaped craft cruising through the roads of Wolverhampton? …Wolverhampton you say? Yes! and it is happening right now and guess what, we’ve made contact […]

No Bridge Too Far – 3d Laser Scan of Suicide Bridge

Spanning the busy A1, the famous North London Archway Bridge was surveyed from central reservation level without disturbing the traffic flow with EA Laser Scanning. Archway bridge, which dates back to 1897, replaced John Nash’s original 1813 structure, thereby maintaining the link between the villages of Highgate and Crouch End. By laser scanning from remote […]

The world’s first 3d laser scan of Crow Crag

EA have produced the world’s first 3d laser scan model of Sleddale Hall aka Crow Crag, which featured in the cult British film Withnail and I. The celebrated site was laser scanned from various positions for a forthcoming web site, which is to be dedicated to the film classic. EA Laser Scanning enables fast, accurate […]